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What must be true?

How do you know?

The Sign on the Microwave
It reads:
Please do not put whole eggs in the microwave.

They will blow up.

It also has a picture of a happy egg and a blown up egg between those two lines. Could you imagine a sign that would make you want to microwave whole eggs any more than that one does?
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Manifest Destiny - Ver 0.2
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The game, with which I'm a lot happier now (except for the colors, but that kind of thing gives me a headache!). I'm happy to report that Kara was playing it even as I IM'd her to tell her about the new version.

Read in The Iowa Review this evening, c&p'd via Google
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Algren Meets Donoso
By Kurt Vonnegut

Back in 1969, with the Vietnam War going on,
in September, the start of an academic year
at the legendary Writer's Workshop
out at the University of Iowa,
I introduced the world-class novelist
Nelson Algren,
onetime acknowledged lover
of Simone de Beauvoir,
wife of the Nobel Laureate
Jean-Paul Sartre,
to the world-class novelist
Jose Donoso,
nickname "Pepe."
They are both looking down
from Heaven now.

We had all three gone bust,
and so had arrived in Iowa
to teach Creative Writing.
I explained to Nelson that Jose,
that Pepe, was from Chile.
Nelson thought for a moment,
possibly about Simone de Beauvoir,
and then he said to Jose, to Pepe,
"It must be nice to come
from a country
that long and narrow."

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EMG Atari Control
btvs - restless sunnydale girl
Nick and Tim came by to see if we could get EOG (but really EMG) to work with the Atari running through BCI2000. I get to be the monkey. One electrode on my wrist for ground. One on my forehead as reference. Two by my eyes to get the changes in potential when I look different places. They couldn't get the DC signal to work (that's what we need for real EOG), so it was EMG instead - recording from the muscles in my face. Once everything was set up I was able to switch between going forward and turning. They also added shooting in the middle phase. Switching between them is pretty slow, and the control I had wasn't very great, but if I spent a little longer practicing I should be able to move around a lot quicker.

I control the Atari by blinking! No hands! Tim, Nick, me, Dr. Moran. Jim is taking the picture.
Tim does the software stuff that makes the computer talk to the Atari. Nick does the BCI2000 stuff with the ECoG patients.
The second joystick works, so people can play against me using that. I actually got Jim one time!

Sometimes the computer doesn't like to recognize the amplifier. Nick is next to me, Tim is next to him.
Jim is, once again, taking the picture with my phone. They [the pictures] turned out better than we expected.

BME Senior Design Poster Presentations
Wednesday December 14th, 9:30 - Noon in Whitaker


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